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Take Me Away (from) EGYPT

You know the saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Well, I never liked that saying. Now, though, after 4 days in Cairo, Egypt…I’m going to agree with it.

Out hotel for the weekend was straight out of the Tower of Terror movie (Disney of course). The elevator couldn’t make it up to our floor (7) without stopping at a lower level first to rest, and there were stains everywhere you looked. Our shower ceiling had holes in it and there were fixtures hanging from pretty much every ceiling. And this was a 4 star hotel!

The first night we got in to town late & were tired from travel, so we just settled into the hotel & went to bed. The next morning we rode to the Egyptian Museum for a tour. It was a very good museum, and I even got to see mummies!

Afterwards we headed to the Pyramids at Giza, the last remaining ancient wonder of the world! There are 3 big ones, and 3 crumbling little ones for wives & children of the kings. They were huge, even though somewhat eroded!


We rode camels through the Sahara next, and even raced at one point! That was the highlight of the trip…very cool. It was really scary too because my camel walked sideways…poor guy must’ve had an ear infection or something because he was definitely off balance! Yep, it was a lopsided camel ride.


Next we went to a papyrus museum where we saw how the ancient papyrus paper was made. We stopped for a buffet lunch afterward before heading to an oil and perfume museum. There we saw glassblowing and got to test out various natural essences, which were very cool.

That night we decided to order pizza in for dinner. We ended up going to bed pretty early.

Sunday we got up and rode to the Nile River for a cruise. We had our own little boat for 3 hours, and just cruised up & down laying in the sun, being lazy.


We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the rooftop pool and swimming. We went to dinner that night on a boat. The food wasn’t that bad. Afterwards, we called it a night.


On our final morning in Cairo we layed by the pool and swam some more. We were just ready to go home! We finally did get back to Cyprus that evening!


It doesn’t sound like we did that much I guess. Probably because we didn’t…we spent so much time waiting on drivers or having them get us lost in the landfill that is Cairo, that it took a lot longer to get places than it should have.

BUT, general thoughts on Egypt:
It was a check off my list, but I would never go back.
I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
It’s really bad when you don’t want to go outside or even out of your hotel room.
It’s scary, dirty, overcrowded, and polluted.
The men are ridiculously creepy…and I thought it was bad in Cyprus! Whew!
I was proposed to more times than I can remember.
The children WILL steal your drinks…even if you punch them in the face like Lauren.
People point and make a scene when Americans are around.
Ughhh….I’m home in Cyprus & still alive!

Now I’m just enjoying my last week on the island!!!

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Hi Woman, Sorry to hear the people in Egypt were so weird!! The visual of the Pyramids must have been awsome!! Did you buy any unusual Perfume oil scents that you liked? I'm sure they have some very unique scents produced in Egypt!! Later, Babe!! Elaine

by JohnDoe

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